Red Ink Club Learns "Show, Don't Tell"

We’re been having a grand time on Wednesday nights at The Red Ink Club. A few weeks ago, we were talking about one of the great writers’ mantras: SHOW, DON’T TELL.

Telling is like shaking…

Astounding Kids' Book On iPad

Wowza. Like I needed another reason to covet the iPad. Here’s a HUGE one.

Here’s the whole story on this Pixar animator’s new interactive children’s book, designed exclusively for iPad.

Sparkles & Royalty

33 Riches of Divine GraceWe’re getting ready to order this card for the church to list the message topics for an upcoming year-long series. I’m rather happy with the result of it! The title of the series as “33…

Change of Seasons: Winter to Spring

You may have noticed the shiny new graphic header at the top of my blog, yes? Spiffy, no? (Don’t answer that if the answer is no.)

Due to some recent nudging from the Holy Spirit and a downright…

Oh, I can’t wait to visit Midget, her family, and her menagerie!

Violet: “Is Dad in trouble?”
Helen: “Either he’s in trouble…or he’s going to be.”

The Incredibles (Pixar 2004)

Taking joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic.

Rosalind Russell

Having a picnic with the little man. :-)

just booked tickets to fly to Idaho in October. Can’t get enough of MightiMidget apparently. ;o)

is really, really wanting to nap this afternoon, but it would be ill-advised to do so. :oP